Trump Quoted as Calling Leona Helmsley ‘Disgrace’

From Associated Press

Donald Trump, the billionaire developer who’s been called a few names himself, has called real estate executive Leona (The Queen) Helmsley “a disgrace” and a destroyer of her husband’s reputation, it was reported today.

The New York Post quoted an anonymous source close to Trump as saying the impetus for the attack was a dispute about a Helmsley-owned piece of property in Atlantic City.

The newspaper said Trump wrote Leona Helmsley on April 5:

“When God created Leona, the world received no favors. Without the veil of Harry Helmsley, you would be a nonentity. You would not be able to randomly fire and abuse people in order to make yourself happy. . . .


“Over the last number of years I have watched as you have virtually destroyed my friend, and a once-great and respected man, Harry Helmsley.”

Leona Helmsley, who styles herself “The Queen” in ads for Helmsley hotels, and her husband, Harry, are awaiting trial on tax evasion charges.

She cited the pending criminal case in declining to comment on Trump’s letter, the newspaper said.

It said Trump would not elaborate on his attack, other than to add: “She’s a disgrace to the industry and a disgrace to humanity in general.”

The newspaper reported that its source said Leona Helmsley has refused to transfer to Trump the lease on a small parcel amid other property in Atlantic City recently bought by Trump.