Anaheim : Suspect Believed Part of Hotel Theft Ring

A man suspected of involvement in a Colombian-organized theft ring that victimizes tourists in Southland hotels was chased and caught by Anaheim hotel workers Tuesday morning, police said.

Anaheim Police Lt. Jack Para said that Jorge Gonzalez Colon, 33, of Los Angeles was arrested after he attempted to distract tourists in the lobby of the Anaheim Hilton, grabbed a shoulder bag from a Japanese tourist and tried to flee. Hotel employees pursued Colon, Para said, and cornered him while he was still inside the building.

“We believe he’s connected with a Colombian theft ring that has been active in hotels,” Para said. He did not disclose the evidence that might link Colon to the Colombian ring.

“During the past several months there has been a noticeable increase in the number of thefts in the Disneyland Hotel area complex,” Para said.


Recently, police theft and burglary squads had been working with Anaheim-area hotel officials in an effort to reduce the number of thefts, Para said.

Colon was being held without bail at the Anaheim jail on suspicion of grand theft, Para said. Police said Colon is also wanted by authorities in San Rafael, in Northern California, on similar charges.