Vexed Enough

In his April 19 review of Neil Diamond's San Diego concert, Mike Boehm wrote, "It almost didn't matter that there is a huge gulf between Diamond's romanticized vision of things and the vexatious, doubt-filled . . . reality of things that the best pop songwriters often try to capture."

Vexations and doubts fill our worlds every day. Do we need songwriters to remind us of them? I think not. That is, unless we think our positive contributions to problems will somehow take place vicariously if we listen to enough songs about "vexation and doubt."

After working at the Los Angeles Mission for two years, I do not feel that my vexations about the plight of the homeless are enhanced by listening to songs about homelessness. Nor do I feel hypocritical if I listen to Handel, Bach, Sinatra or Diamond.

I wonder what type of music Mother Teresa prefers (if she has the time to listen)?



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