Rosina Baur, a resident of affluent Palos...

From staff and wire reports

Rosina Baur, a resident of affluent Palos Verdes Esates, was arrested, handcuffed, jailed, fingerprinted, photographed and frisked the other day--for allegedly wiping chalk marks off her tires.

Anne Bisco, an office receptionist, was arrested on the same charge, interfering with an authorized person, a misdemeanor offense.

Police say that Bisco and Baur, a real estate manager, were trying to sidestep a one-hour parking limit in the car-choked Malaga Cove shoppping plaza on April 21.

Baur says she merely drove around and found a new space but Bisco admits she pulled her car forward and "lightly" rubbed the chalk.

But the two women, as well as some merchants, think the police were overzealous. One lieutenant said the brass "just want it to go away."

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