Doctor, Victim Offer More Promising Outlook

Rolf Benirschke should kick Jim Murray in the behind for writing so inaccurately about Crohn's disease in his tribute to the former NFL kicker.

Having had the disease for 34 years in both active and remission states, I know Murray's statement about the "good news" for Crohn's sufferers is "you will die" is blatantly false.

While incurable today, the disease does not have to reduce one's zest for life or destroy the quality of one's existence. As someone who enjoys golf, tennis, gymnastics and basketball, I find Murray's "doomsday" depiction is wrong.

If Murray's goal was the praise Benirschke's bravery for overcoming a serious illness, he was right on target. But, in doing so, his inaccuracies about Crohn's disease made him miss the goal by a mile.


Granada Hills

Editor's note: Robert Shumer is co-leading a support group at UCLA for people with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

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