Gershman Words Called ‘Disgrace’

Regarding the comments of Alan Gershman, in which a member of the school board referred to actions of (United Teachers-Los Angeles) members as “political terrorism” (Times, April 16): Gershman’s hyperbole disgraces his high office and further pollutes the discussion between the (Los Angeles Unified School District) and UTLA that is nearing a flash point.

This is indeed the time for quieter voices. His comments suggest that he has lost his ability to rationally represent the parents and voters of the Westside. At a time when most skilled politicians would be searching for a way to resolve the dispute before picket lines are established, Gershman continues to lash out at teachers who have demonstrated a commendable willingness to obey the law while teaching our classes, working to elect responsible board members, organizing our membership and still making time for our friends and families.

This has been a very challenging year. As the end approaches, I look back on it as one more year filled with efforts to improve public education in Los Angeles in spite of a Board of Education that is, with two notable exceptions, indifferent to the real needs of kids and concerned only with preserving their political power over the teachers.


But the days of teachers passively accepting the dictates of board members and incompetent school administrators are over. They have been over since last September. A strike will only demonstrate what has been obvious to every classroom teacher in Los Angeles for months. We will never again surrender to the whims of these petty bureaucrats.

It’s over, Alan. No one listens to you anymore. The voters will have their say in June, then you can call us anything you want, but your comments won’t find their way into the news and teachers will be too busy teaching to listen.