Altadena : 5 Council Members Picked


Amid the festivity of the annual Old Fashioned Days parade, voters Saturday selected five members and four alternates to the Town Council.

Duane Merrill, Leatrice Gloria Erlander, John T. McCall, Marcus E. Lewis and Oscar G. Werner won two-year terms to the 14-member council, which has no legislative authority and which advises the county on the views of the 42,000 residents in this unincorporated area.

Merrill, an incumbent who ran unopposed to represent census tract 4601, picked up 110 votes. Erlander won the census tract 4602 seat with 79 votes, while runner-up Joseph E. Pardee, who received 38 votes, will serve as her alternate. Alternates replace town council members who are absent from meetings.


Of the four candidates who vied for the tract 4603 seat, McCall came in first with 208 votes. John C. Hafner with 35 votes will serve as his alternate. Adolfo E. Miralles was third with 23 votes, followed by Ginny Wertman with 20 votes.

Lewis clinched the tract 4612 seat with 54 votes. Gloria Renney became his alternate with 12. In the race for the tract 4615 seat, Werner won with 63 votes. Ed Metcalf, with six votes, became his alternate.