Monterey Park : Fire, Rescue Idea Approved

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a proposal that could pave the way for Monterey Park's fire and rescue operations to be consolidated into the county Fire Department.

A study by the county indicated a possible annual savings of $594,571 to the city. The board's vote authorizes the county fire chief to negotiate with Monterey Park, if the city wants to pursue the topic.

But Monterey Park officials are reacting cautiously to the idea, which over the years has been suggested as a cost-saving measure for the city.

"We'd certainly be interested in seeing what they've come up with," City Manager Mark Lewis said. But, he said, the issue is not a priority. "We're concerned that there may be hidden costs that would significantly add to the city's costs."

Fire Chief Allen E. McComb said: "I haven't been convinced yet that consolidation is the best solution. We're providing some services, such as paramedic ambulances, which would not be as readily available with the county."

Neither McComb nor Lewis have seen the county's detailed proposal.

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