White-Line Rule at Indy Is Modified

Associated Press

An announcement Wednesday took some of the sting out of a new rule that has had drivers up in arms since practice began for the Indianapolis 500.

Tom Binford, longtime chief steward at Indy, said that after consultation with drivers, race officials and representatives of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway management, he has modified the application of a rule dealing with the white line that circles the 2 1/2-mile oval.

Binford announced Tuesday that the U.S. Auto Club, which sanctions the race, had designated the lower part of the track--delineated by a white line--as a warm-up and safety lane.

"It's to be used in an emergency and not for racing," Binford said.

In a statement following the close of practice Wednesday, Binford said, "Occasional crossing of the line in response to track conditions, including overtaking a car, will not be penalized."

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