Every Dog Has His Day, but 16 May Be Too Many


It’s unlikely that Terry O’Neil, who this week was named executive producer of NBC Sports, will be trying to lure Brent Musburger away from CBS, O’Neil’s former employer.

In O’Neil’s recently published book, “The Game Behind the Game,” he calls Musburger an anchor monster who would refer to himself as “the Big Dog.”

O’Neil also says CBS should not use Musburger on the 1992 Winter Olympics. He writes:

“Somebody at CBS should be responsible and courageous enough to insist on a ‘likability’ study of the top anchors in sports.


“This audience survey would probably reveal that CBS should pursue ABC’s Al Michaels or NBC’s Dick Enberg, not Musburger, as its lead Olympic personality.

“After 20 years of taking its Games from Jim McKay--kindly, soothing, even grandfatherly in his later years--America is not prepared to invite someone marginally abrasive into its living rooms four hours per night for 16 nights.”

Trivia time: On this day in 1955, Sam (Toothpick) Jones of the Chicago Cubs pitched the first no-hitter at Wrigley Field in 38 years. What happened in the ninth inning that made this no-hitter particularly impressive?

Bump the Chump: Tony Kornheiser of the Washington Post offers Donald Trump’s master plan to conquer the world:

--Step 1, the bicycle race, Tour de Trump.

--Step 2, the game show, Stump de Trump.

--Step 3, the matronly fashion statement, Frump de Trump.

--Step 4, the low-rent housing project, Dump de Trump.

--Step 5, the worldwide checkers championship, Jump de Trump.

--Step 6, the hair spray, Pump de Trump.

--Step 7, the sorry, babe, no room left on the shuttle, Bump de Trump.

--Step 8, the bizarre beauty pageant, Rump de Trump.

--Step 9, the coal in the stocking on Christmas morning, Lump de Trump.

--Step 10, the revenge of the Committee to Chop Off His Short Greedy Fingers by boycotting his hotels, casinos, resorts and self-inflating sports events, Chump de Trump.

Trivia answer: Jones walked the first three batters in the ninth, then struck out the next three.


Quotebook: New Yankee Jesse Barfield, asked about the chemistry on his former team, the Toronto Blue Jays: “I don’t know anything about chemistry. I flunked that in high school.”