Tests Show Detroit Mayor Fathered Her Child, Woman’s Attorney Says

From United Press International

Medical test results released Friday indicate that Detroit Mayor Coleman Young almost certainly is the father of a child born to a former city official in 1982, the woman’s lawyer said.

Noel Keane, the lawyer for Annivory Calvert, made the announcement during a press conference in his office shortly after receiving the results of the blood tests conducted at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.

The hospital’s report said the relative chance that Young, 70, fathered Calvert’s son is “99.9999%" certain and concluded that “the paternity is practically proved,” Keane said.

Keane said later in the morning that the results had been confirmed by a second set of tests conducted by the Memorial Blood Center of Minnesota. The center was selected by the mayor’s attorneys.


Calvert, 34, formerly deputy director of the Detroit Department of Public Works, filed the paternity suit Jan. 27 shortly after taking a similar position in Fontana, Calif.

Calvert’s son, Joel Loving, was 6 years old when she filed the suit. Keane said Calvert has not yet been informed of the test results. Calvert is seeking child support from Young.