‘Agenda for the Next Generation’


It may seem a bit self-serving to respond to your editorial in such a laudatory manner. I think it may be the finest editorial I have ever read in a daily newspaper.

My business in life is education. I have been teaching, and pursuing some interesting research in city planning for many years. Most of my time is spent with young people. At this particular time, I am on sabbatical from the University of Florida and teaching at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. This opportunity has given me a chance to meet and work with young people in another rapidly changing, complicated and beautiful state in the confluence of powerful and exciting social, economic and cultural streams.

The editorial points to the future in such an articulate and sagacious manner as to clearly project what education and care for the young are all about. The young are the future. I feel so strongly that to neglect the young in any way is to abrogate society’s gravest responsibility.


Thank you for a fine reminder to me and your readers where and what our tomorrow will be.