Rourke in Dispute Over 'Homeboy'

Mickey Rourke's latest movie, "Homeboy," has already reached some European markets but the actor is trying to prevent its release here in the United States, arguing in a suit filed Thursday that the film's producers failed to pay him and denied him creative control.

"We have a contract," said Rourke's attorney Gerald Edelstein. "All we're trying to do is enforce it." Rourke plays a boxer in "Homeboy," which was filmed in New Jersey.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, also seeks $4 million in damages from producer Elliott Kastner and his Cinema International Corp. Kastner did not return calls Friday.

Rourke contends that the producers failed to let him approve the film's final editing and music and violated a 1986 agreement by failing to pay him and his company $200,000.

He also alleges the producers denied him him approval of where and when the movie initially will be distributed.

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