Prince Goes Batty

The music video for “Batdance,” Prince’s homage to the “Batman” movie--for which he’s done the soundtrack--is shooting this weekend in and around L.A., with The Purple One “starring.”

Albert Magnoli--who helmed Prince’s “Purple Rain"--directs, their first cinematic collaboration since the 1984 hit pic. (More recently, Magnoli became Prince’s manager.)

“Batdance,” which includes dialogue from the movie, hits radio airwaves on June 1 and the music stores a week later. The video--which won’t include “Batman” footage--will probably surface in early June as well, said Bob Merlis, Warner Records publicity veep.

Merlis described “Batdance” as “a kind of an overture for the music that you’ll be hearing in the movie. There are snippets from the various songs. But it also stands alone.” (For the, uh, record, the tune will not be heard on the film’s soundtrack, because it’s strictly Prince’s tribute to the movie.)

No word on whether Prince will dress in Batgarb for the “Bat-dance” video.


“I honestly don’t know what he’ll be wearing. But I can tell you he owns the coolest pair of Batman cuff links,” said Merlis. He added, “And would it help if I told you I’m wearing my Batman boxer shorts today?”