Drugs Uncovered at Gym, Police Report

The owners of a Whittier gym for body builders have been arrested on felony charges of possessing cocaine and anabolic steroids with intent to sell the drugs.

The arrests of Richard C. Gill, 49, and Rick Weaver, 45, owners of the Uptown Gym, were made after authorities raided the gym and the owners' homes Weaver late last week.

Don Desmaretz, narcotics sergeant with the Whittier Police Department, said two bottles of steroids, two ounces of cocaine and eight small plastic bags of marijuana were found at Gill's home. Gill's wife, Carol, was also arrested.

At the gym, two bottles of steroids, two grams of cocaine and a ledger indicating sales of steroids were found in Weaver's gym bag, Desmaretz said. He said 10 bottles of steroids and an AK-47 assault rifle were found at Weaver's home.

The Gills and Weaver each posted $20,000 bail.

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