'Heal the Bay' Leader Named to City Board

Mayor Tom Bradley on Monday nominated environmentalist and attorney Felicia Marcus to replace Kathleen Brown on the Los Angeles Board of Public Works, the commission that oversees sewers, waste treatment facilities and other city amenities.

Brown is resigning July 1 to campaign full time for the office of state treasurer.

Marcus, 33, is a founder of Heal the Bay, the environmental organization dedicated to cleaning up sewage-plagued Santa Monica Bay. She also works with several other environmental organizations and is director of litigation for Public Counsel, which coordinates legal services for the underprivileged.

In a news conference announcing her selection, Marcus said she would emphasize public education and increased awareness of environmental perils.

"We really are at a major crossroads in Los Angeles in terms of environmental issues. . . . And the decisions that we make today are going to determine what kind of place this is to live in in the year 2000," she said.

The appointment of Marcus to the $65,300-a-year, full-time position is subject to City Council approval.

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