Statue Model to Be Shown in Santa Monica

A model of a 26-foot-tall mushroom-shaped cloud, done in copper, that Times editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad wants to donate to Santa Monica will probably go on display in the lobby of City Hall in July, a city official said Thursday. The model is about three feet tall.

Public opinion will be solicited, and as soon as August the Santa Monica City Council may decide on whether to accept the proposed gift, said Henry Korn, city arts administrator.

City staffers suggested placing the statue on a lawn outside a gymnasium on Olympic Boulevard, but the city's Recreation and Parks Commission recommended in May that it go on the front lawn of City Hall.

At its meeting Tuesday night, the Arts Commission did not reject the City Hall site but suggested a location between the County Courthouse and the Civic Auditorium.

Korn said that in addition to the model, the lobby display will include a map showing the two proposed sites for the statue, which has not yet been built. Titled "Chain Reaction," the statue would be made of links of copper tubing.

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