Shame on the City Council

It is most interesting--and I think, revelatory--to note the two articles reporting actions taken by the Glendale City Council (Glendale Section, June 22).

One mentions the action taken to allow a prominent developer to "cut up to 70 feet from a ridge to complete a controversial subdivision in the Verdugo Mountains," the other to refuse to fund in any way any program that would aid the homeless in Glendale who "urinate on news racks and yell obscenities in the streets"--characterization courtesy of Ginger Bremberg.

I spent months interviewing the homeless in Glendale for one of the private nonprofit organizations that are helping and I never saw one person that fit that description. I did see a young family and women, who except for the grace of God favoring Bremberg, were not unlike her, or me, for that matter.

Perhaps more importantly, however, it does illustrate very vividly the priorities of our City Council--a prominent developer is favored by their vote--and the homeless can shift for themselves.




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