Gun Control

In response to the letter from Tom Nichols (July 1) in which he takes issue with a particularly trenchant Marlette cartoon depicting Haiti, Beirut and Washington, D.C., as "N.R.A. Dream Vacations":

Nichols accurately states that Beijing has stringent gun control laws, then implies that if this were not so, the Beijing atrocities would not have taken place.

He doesn't address himself to the hypothesis of what would have occurred had the Beijing citizens, armed and confronted with the full force of the government military personnel and equipment, attempted to "defend" themselves by an exchange of fire. The ensuing bloodshed would have made the Tian An Men Square horror seem comparatively pale.

The notion that an armed citizenry can protect itself against a hostile government is one of the more egregious National Rifle Assn. fallacies foisted upon the many gullible.

Undoubtedly a nuclear missile for each citizen would insure even greater protection.


Beverly Hills

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