Nixon on U.S. China Policy

In the interest of fairness, The Times has gone too far! Paul Conrad's cartoon (June 11) of former President Nixon eating a joker from a deck, and titled "The China Card"--well, that had credibility.

Now comes the former President himself in Opinion with his defense of China's leadership for its mainland misdeeds. We have here the penultimate dilemma. The nation's prime, geopolitical expert (Nixon) on international behavior modification now argues (inadequately) for no reprisals against the People's Republic of China. As we all know from readings into the fabled behaviorists' "Skinner boxes," animals can be trained to react to external stimuli; even negative varieties.

To do nothing, as per President Bush's weak response and Nixon's reaction, will modify nothing--all in the name of letting "boys be boys" to retain their internal domestic control of that political system. Balderdash!


Spring Valley

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