Palms Springs Eternal

Unfortunately, your Travel Editor Jerry Hulse was accurate when he described this city's problems. Most of us who live here year-round do not want Palm Springs turned into a Coney Island or a race track with streets lined with T-shirt shops. The question we have is whether a city of the '90s needs a mayor of the '60s. The quote from Mayor Sonny Bono, "I am a tourist attraction," explains part of the city's problem. Sonny Bono is a celebrity in his own mind who has used the city's highest office to promote himself.

Last October the Citizens of Palm Springs, a citizen advocate group, voted unanimously to give Mayor Sonny Bono and City Manager Norm King a "no-confidence" vote. King, who told you he favors the proposed stadium and "is very much looking forward to this year's road race," was publicly asked to resign last week by one of our city council members. Maybe there is hope for a comeback after all.


Palm Springs

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