'Scoundrels' Scores on the Charts

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"Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," the comedy about two con men played by Michael Caine and Steve Martin, is cleaning up in the rental market, moving up to No. 5 in just its second week on the chart. Whether it has the clout to rout "Coming to America" out of No. 1 remains to be seen. So far "Twins," supposedly a cinch No. 1, has been mired at No. 2. "Bird," the acclaimed biography of jazz pioneer Charlie Bird, is doing respectable business (No. 27) for a movie that grossed just $2 million. The controversial "The Last Temptation of Christ" entered the chart at No. 34. Look for it to take a sizable jump next week, at least into the Top 20.

* All the Oscar attention--including the best picture nomination and Geena Davis' best supporting actress award--will help "The Accidental Tourist" become one of the big rental hits of the summer. It debuted at No. 10. This offbeat romantic comedy about a staid travel writer (William Hurt) whose life is enlivened by a kooky dog trainer (Geena Davis) earned nearly $30 million at the box office.


Rental Rental Weeks Top Ranking Ranking 2 On Rental Rentals Last Week Weeks Ago Chart 1."Coming to America"(Paramount) 1 1 7 2."Twins"(MCA) 3 5 3 3."The Accused"(Paramount) 2 2 9 4."My Stepmother Is an Alien" 5 6 4 (RCA/Columbia) 5."Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"(Orion) 8 ... 2 *"The Accidental Tourist" ... ... 1 (Warner Bros.)

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