Controversy Over Supreme Court's Abortion Decision

It's just my opinion--one I got in law school--that the U.S. Supreme Court is in the business of resolving disputes, not creating them.

Civil rights are now out. The death penalty is in.

Abortion is at the option of any city, county or state unless, of course, you can pay for a private clinic. It's OK for the rich, not OK for the poor. This is principle? This is uniformity? This is common sense? We're back to back-alley abortions and high female mortality.

Next the Supreme Court (with three Roman Catholic justices) will tell us that a human ovum has the potential for life and therefore has constitutional rights infused. Birth control is next on the agenda, folks.

Then we will hear that we are going to have a state (established) religion, but only if imposed state by state.

Gee whiz. Makes you long for Earl Warren, doesn't it?


Los Angeles

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