Why Reservoir Cover Was Fought

Your July 2 pictorial story on the Santa Ynez Reservoir suggests Palisades Highlands residents "fought the proposed cover for fear it would attract vandals and create an eyesore." While some people were concerned over the latter, the "confederation" of home owner associations that I head acted on the basis of the environmental impact study presented.

It said the water in our reservoir was well within the limits of required health standards. Subsequently, the Department of Water and Power's general manager and chief engineer confirmed our reading. Norman E. Nichols wrote, in response to our protest, "The potential health hazards due to PCE and TCE (the harmful contaminants) have not been found in the water at Santa Ynez Reservoir due to the fact that Santa Ynez Reservoir does not receive ground water, the source of the contaminants." (My emphasis.)

The position of our "confederation" board is to support any and all health protective needs, but oppose what would have been a waste of revenues from users of city water.


Pacific Palisades

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