Needless Delay on Light Rail

Why do simple things have to be made complicated?

Once again the decision on the light-rail route across the Valley has been postponed, thanks to Sen. Allan Robbins' cockamamie plan to extend the subway to the Sepulveda Dam and then a bus to Warner Center. Politics, merely to placate that vociferous bunch who refuse to accept the best, most direct plan that runs along Chandler Boulevard (their neighborhood) and along Victory Boulevard to Canoga Park.

Naturally, no one wants anything disturbing in their neighborhood, but these people were well aware of the railroad on Chandler when they bought or built. Besides, I would prefer to live next to light rail than to live next to a polluting freeway as many do.

Robbins' idea would be most costly and would add even more delays to the problem. Decision has been postponed too long, and gridlock is fast approaching.


West Hills

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