South Pasadenan Looks Forward to the Freeway

Re the Long Beach Freeway: With the increasing population, we need the freeway link completed now more than in 1953.

We all use the freeway system, and you know what? None of the cities where the freeway has taken some homes and businesses has disappeared--in fact, all cities in Southern California are still thriving and growing; so, I don't think South Pasadena will just dry up and disappear if the freeway is completed.

As for a light-rail system, it will take years and billions more dollars to replace the system we had. And, in the meantime, traffic will only get worse.

For one thing, there are far too many unskilled drivers in cars who cause much of the congestion.

For another thing, not all of us care to stand on street corners before daylight and after dark in sun and rain to be herded like cattle on the city buses. Or to stand on the return trip home after a hard day's toil.

As for preserving all historical homes, this is 1989, not 1889.


South Pasadena

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