The State : Slow-Growth Plan Rejected

Folsom voters decisively rejected a measure that would have limited the population of one of the fastest-growing cities in Northern California. Slow-growth Measure N was defeated 3,756 to 2,793. Opponents claimed that the measure would deprive the city of tax revenues and drive business away. "We just showed the voters what the initiative said, and it looks like they've defeated a very poor piece of legislation," said Donald Rehorn, vice chairman of an opposition group called Folsom Citizens for Planned Growth. Supporters of the measure said the defeat is only "a starting point" in their campaign to slow rapid growth and they will turn their efforts to ousting three City Council members who face reelection in November, 1990. The measure's defeat allows the city to follow its general plan, which calls for a population of 69,333 by the year 2010. Folsom currently has about 19,000 residents.

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