BY THE NUMBERS : “Wizard of Oz” Facts

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Cost of production: $2,777,000.

Shooting schedule: 22 weeks.

Number of directors: 3 (Richard Thorpe, Victor Fleming, King Vidor).

Number of writers: 10 (three with screen credit).

Judy Garland’s salary: $500 a week.

Ray Bolger’s salary: $3,000 a week.

Jack Haley’s salary: $3,000 a week.

Bert Lahr’s salary: $2,500 a week.

Number of midgets employed: 124.

Toto’s breed: Cairn Terrier.

Toto’s salary: $125 a week.

Number of actors: 600.

Number of costumes: 1,000.

Number of Oscars: 2 (Herbert Stothart for musical score, and “Over the Rainbow” for song).