VIDEO CHARTS : 'Sunrise' Shines; 'Beaches' Comes Up Strong

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"Tequila Sunrise," the romantic thriller starring Mel Gibson and Michelle Pfeiffer, dislodged "Mississippi Burning" from the top spot on Billboard magazine's video rental chart. But Gibson shouldn't get too comfortable in his new digs at No. 1. Two hit comedies are vying to become the next No. 1 video. "The Naked Gun," the Leslie Nielsen police comedy, shot to No. 4 in its second week, and "The 'Burbs," the Tom Hanks suburban farce, jumped to No. 7 in its third week.

* "Beaches," the Bette Midler vehicle that was a sleeper hit earlier this year, is the top new video at No. 16. The sudsy drama was helped immeasurably last spring by the unexpected success of the "Beaches" sound track album, which reached No. 2 on the pop album chart, and Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" single, which made No. 1. Expect the video to reach No. 1 as well.


Rental Rental Weeks Top Ranking Ranking 2 On Rental Rentals Last Week Weeks Ago Chart 1."Tequila Sunrise" 2 --6 4 (Warner Bros.) 2."Mississippi Burning" 1 3 5 (Orion) 3."Twins" 3 1 11 (MCA) 4."The Naked Gun" 11 -- 2 (Paramount) 5."Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" 5 2 10 (Orion) *"Beaches" ... ... 1 (Touchstone)

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