Bernardi Asks L.A. to Revoke Dump’s Permit

Los Angeles City Councilman Ernani Bernardi called Tuesday for the Planning Commission to revoke the city land-use permit for Lopez Canyon Landfill on the grounds that the dump is a public nuisance.

Under an ordinance approved by the council in 1985, the commission may revoke any conditional-use permit that allows conditions affecting health and safety or creating a public nuisance, Bernardi said.

“Anyone familiar with the operational history of Lopez knows that it fits the public nuisance definition to a ‘T,’ ” he said.

Specifically, Bernardi cited alleged violations in excess of the existing permit, including longer dumping hours, more dump trucks and higher garbage mounds.

The Bureau of Sanitation, which runs the dump, maintains that it is operated safely and that all dumps cause some hardship to surrounding residents.