Big-Game Hunter on Chopping Block for Her Pursuits

In your article “Changing Stripes,” about Kathy Christian, who turned from animal lover into big-game hunter, she professes to understand and carry “no bitterness” toward us, the anti-hunters, because we “don’t get the whole picture.” As bighearted as she is and as un-Christian (pun intended) as this sounds, I do get the picture of a person who is evolving backward. In fact, I am reminded of those passengers who used to think it was great sport to shoot buffalo from train windows as they traveled across the Great Plains.

The animals she kills are not being used for food, clothing or research, they are being stuffed and mounted. Yet again, if she were to run over a rabbit, she would cry. What compassion!

Animals that kill humans are put to sleep. People who kill people for recreation are considered psychopaths and locked up. However, cold, premeditated killers who show no remorse for their victims or their crimes receive the harshest judgment from society.


The trophies on her walls are an indictment against senseless acts of barbarism.