VIDEO . . . WHAT’S NEW : An Outlet for Hard-to-Find Super-VHS Tapes : VIDEO . . . WHAT’S NEW : A New Outlet for Hard-to-Find Super-VHS Cassettes

If you’ve bought a Super-VHS videocassette recorder, you may have given up on finding pre-recorded tapes in S-VHS. However, there are a few movies and other programs you can buy in this sharper-picture tape format, if you know where to look.

Where to look is Super Source, a San Francisco-based company that specializes in Super-VHS tapes. The relatively new company doesn’t have a lot to offer yet, and you have to buy, not rent, but what it does have may be of interest.

Super Source offers these movies in S-VHS: “The Princess Bride” ($49.95), “Blade Runner” ($59.95), “The Last Emperor” ($89.95), “On Golden Pond” ($59.95), “RoboCop” ($89.95), “The Emerald Forest” ($49.95), “A Chorus Line” ($49.95) and “White Mischief” ($49.95). Prices do not include postage.

There are also a few non-movie S-VHS tapes available, including some excellent nature and travel programs. And in a week or two, the non-movie fare will include “The Nutcracker,” the first in a series of Bolshoi ballets digitally recorded last spring. Hamilton Bryan, president of Super Source, says he is also negotiating with film studios for more material, and hopes to announce a multitape deal with a “mini-major” company soon.


Information on Super Source and a free catalogue: (800) 331-6304.


Did it boost secretaries or knock them? That was the controversy over “Working Girl” (CBS/Fox, $89.98, R), a sprightly and successful romantic comedy starring Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford and (especially winning as the working girl’s girlfriend) Joan Cusack. Mike Nichols directed.

Major-league baseball has almost wound down for the year, but you can rewind and watch “Major League” (Paramount, no list price, R) as many times as you like--though you may cry “foul” if you expect this uneven comedy, starring Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen, to be as good as “Bull Durham.”


“The Dream Team” (MCA, $89.95, PG-13) isn’t a baseball club. However, it is made up of four mental patients who become separated from their doctor on the way to a baseball game--close enough. The comedy features a just-before-"Batman” Michael Keaton.

“Criminal Law” (HBO, $89.99, R) features Gary Oldman and Kevin Bacon in a drama about a defense attorney who finds out something disturbing about the client he has helped clear of a murder charge.

“Checking Out” (Virgin Vision, $89.95, R) is a black comedy about a man (Jeff Daniels) who drives everybody around him crazy because he’s scared to death of dying.

And video stores are stocking up for Halloween, including these new tapes: “Fright Night Part II” (IVE, $89.95, R), the 1977 horror classic “Suspiria” (Magnum, $89.98, a 92-minute R version and a 97-minute unrated version), “The Return of Swamp Thing” (RCA/Columbia, $89.95, PG-13) and “976-EVIL” (RCA/Columbia, $89.95, R).


Vintage: “Bedtime Story” (MCA, $59.95) is the 1963 comedy about con men starring Marlon Brando and David Niven that was remade last year as “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” “The Choirboys” (MCA, $79.95, R) is a 1977 drama about cops in their off-hours; Robert Aldrich directed.

Reprices: “ ‘Crocodile’ Dundee,” “White Christmas,” “The Red Shoes,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Big Top Pee-wee,” “Charlotte’s Web,” “The Little Prince,” “An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Popeye” are now $14.95 each.


One of video’s favorite exercisers, Callan Pinckney, returns with the third in her “Callanetics” series, “Beginning Callanetics” (MCA, $24.95). As the title indicates, this 60-minute tape is a basic introduction to the low-impact method.