Customer, Shot by Guard in Dispute Over a 10-Cent Lime, Wins $440,000

From United Press International

A man shot by a supermarket security guard in an argument over a 10-cent lime was awarded $440,000 by a Dade County Circuit Court jury.

Joseph Climpson, 35, sued the market, the guard and the Nationwide Personal Security Corp. In a four-day trial, six jurors found all three responsible last week.

On Feb. 7, 1987, Climpson went to the Food Giant store to buy 10 limes for $1. In the parking lot outside, he counted his purchase and found only nine limes.

He returned, demanded another one and got into an argument with the cashier. Then he stalked out with a 10th lime in hand.

Convinced that the cashier had made an accurate count, security guard Hugo Lino Salazar, 40, followed Climpson outside. The guard unholstered his gun and fired twice.

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