Abortion Debate at State Level

I read with interest Carol McGraw's article ("Abortion Protest Cases May Swamp Courts," Metro, Oct. 3) but unfortunately it totally misses the point. Our criminal justice system is already swamped, and every day dangerous felons are either never arrested or never brought to trial because of this.

The real question in the light of this situation is how Los Angeles police found the time to make over 800 arrests, while using arm-breaking force, of peaceful demonstrators and how the prosecutor's office finds the time to try each case. Either a judgment has been made that those who would peacefully sacrifice their personal freedom to save the lives of innocent babies represent more of a threat to you and me than the car thieves and drug pushers who they could have jailed otherwise, or the radical pro-abortionists who dominate our local political establishment are out to punish their opponents and make us all pay in the process. Which do you think is more likely the case?


Culver City

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