Two Views of Section

Every Sunday afternoon, for the last eight weeks, I have started to write this letter, but reconsidered, figuring "Nah, it will get better." Well it hasn't, so here is the letter:

Enough already! Enough gardening, home repair and enough of "some washed-up star moves out of the area." At a time when Los Angeles is taking over as the real estate and financial capital of the United States, we are being informed that Burl Ives is moving to Washington state. In a year when major Century City and Westwood high-rise office buildings have changed hands, we are being informed that now is the time to plant fava beans and rhubarb.

Maybe there should be a separate section for gardening and household tips.

When we finally find the commercial section, on Page 17, the lead article is about a development that is being built by Tom Selleck's brother and father. It seems, unless your name is Joan Collins or Tom Selleck, your chance for meaty commercial real estate news is almost impossible.

This is a major metropolitan city. Let's report on office, retail and industrial properties that are being sold, leased or developed.


Los Angeles

Powell is president of CitiPacific Commercial Real Estate Services.

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