A Celtic Center in Los Angeles? It's Not That Much of Longshot

Can you picture center Robert Parish of the Boston Celtics in a Laker uniform?

Peter May of the Hartford Courant writes: "The Celtics, who have stated publicly their intention to keep Parish, have offered a one-year deal that is tantamount to offering nothing. That's initially what upset Parish. He wants two years, and if the Celtics don't comply, he believes someone else will in an open market.

"Wouldn't, say, a certain West Coast team be interested in a player like Parish, a successful team that has had some experience with elderly centers? 'And one,' Parish noted, 'that took good care of himself, too.'

"Unless you are taking NBA 101, it wouldn't be difficult to picture Jerry Buss, the brash Laker owner, on Parish's front doorstep July 1 with a $5-million offer for two years."

Add NBA: Jan Hubbard of Newsday on the off-season moves of the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks: "The Pistons are defending champions, but they've been doing their best to self-destruct during the last eight months. First, they traded for Mark Aguirre, who scores a lot of points but also causes a lot of distractions. Then, they allowed Rick Mahorn, whose intimidating presence kept Aguirre and the rest of the league in line, to be taken by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the expansion draft.

"Then, after telling Aguirre that a raise he had negotiated in Dallas would not be forthcoming until he proved he could be consistent, they offered Jon Koncak, who averaged 4.7 points last year, a one-year, $2.5-million contract, which is more than Aguirre will make in the next three years.

"The Atlanta Hawks countered the Pistons by giving Koncak $13.2 million over six years. The Hawks already have the largest collection of head cases south of Detroit, so financial jealousy and internal bickering should effectively end their season before it begins."

Trivia time: On Oct. 22, 1975, who hit a run-scoring single in the ninth inning to give Cincinnati a 4-3 victory over the Boston Red Sox in Game 7 of the World Series?

The Fitchburg State watch: The Falcons were entitled to an emotional letdown after ending their 36-game losing streak last week. Their offense took a powder in a 42-6 loss to Curry and they dropped to 1-6. The Falcons were in good company, however; North Dakota State saw its 21-game winning streak, the longest in the nation, ended by St. Cloud State, 20-13.

Thanks for the memory: San Francisco Giant right-hander Rick Reuschel, asked about his most memorable game at Wrigley Field: "My first start there."


"I can't remember."

Trivia answer: Joe Morgan.

Quotebook: Muhammad Ali, in London: "The days of wine, women, song and press conferences are over. I've had all that."

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