Women Film Makers Honored

Women film makers from around the world were honored Sunday night at the fifth annual Women in Film Festival Lillian Gish Awards, held at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood.

The best feature film was "Stolen Meeting," an Estonian project directed by Leida Laius; best short subject was a tie between "Defense Council Sedov," a Soviet film, and "Juxta," an American film produced, written and directed by Hiroko Yamazaki; best documentary was "Voices From the Attic," produced, written and directed by Debbie Goodstein; top animation feature was "Universal Declaration of Human Rights," a piece based on an essay by Eleanor Roosevelt.

In TV, the best comedy was the "Soul Man" episode of "Murphy Brown;" top drama was the "The Color of Truth" episode of "Quantum Leap," written by Deborah Pratt; top movie of the week was "Out on the Edge," written by Rene Balcer; and best news-magazine documentary was "Postpartum," directed by Shari Cookson.

The best special was Tracey Ullman's "Backstage," directed by Suzanne McCafferty; top children's program was a tie between "Children I Have Loved," written and directed by Victoria Hochberg, and "Scissors, Stone and Paper," produced and directed by Tai-Ling Tang; and best music video was FM's "Gotta Be a Better Way," produced by Karolyn Ali.

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