Long Beach Freeway

I was disappointed to read your editorial. As a graduate of South Pasadena High School and a resident of Alhambra, I have friends on both sides of the issue.

Beyond the destruction and disruption of a small town that this construction would bring, there is one concern that stands out. That is the problem of the proximity of this proposed link to South Pasadena High. If I were emperor of the universe, it would be a capital crime to even consider placing a freeway near a school. When I sit in the football stadium at a local high school and see 18-wheelers rumble by just a few yards from the north end of the field, I'm amazed at the lack of foresight that allowed this to happen.

Most of my patients are teen-agers, so I'm constantly made aware of what a precious and in some ways fragile resource these people are. They should not have to suffer this disruption and pollution for the convenience of commuters.



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