Long Beach Freeway

More than 3,500 people homeless, 1,500-plus homes destroyed, 24 businesses employing 500 people displaced and at least 7,000 mature trees destroyed in El Sereno, South Pasadena and southwest Pasadena. Price tag, $1 billion. Hurricane? Fire? Earthquake? No, Caltrans version of progress--the Long Beach Freeway extension!

You should be ashamed for endorsing such destruction without first doing your homework. There are multi-modal approaches to transportation that have proven to be much more effective in moving people and goods, cost much, much less and that don’t destroy the integrity of 100-year-old commmunities, like freeways do.

Our thinking has been mired in concrete much too long. California needs a visionary approach to transportation that propels its people into the 21st Century with much greater mobility.



Chairman, South Pasadena

Transportation Commission