Channel 10's Tuck to Take Los Angeles Job Next Fall

KGTV (Channel 10) anchorman and commentator Michael Tuck, best known for his acerbic "Perspective" pieces, will move to KCBS-TV(Channel 2) in Los Angeles when his current contract expires next September, the station announced Friday.

Tuck will be used as both an anchor and commentator, KCBS news director Michael Singer said, adding that specific assignments will not be made until Tuck arrives at the station.

"The people and the team strength at Channel 10 are terrific," Tuck said in a prepared statement. "But at this stage in my career, I couldn't pass up the challenges and opportunities KCBS offers."

Though it is usually near the bottom of the Los Angeles ratings, Channel 2 is in a major television market and is owned by the CBS Television Network.

Tuck also is expected to receive a substantial salary increase. According to published reports, his salary at Channel 10 is about $400,000 a year.

Channel 10 management expects Tuck to remain on the air through the end of his contract.

During most of Tuck's tenure at Channel 10, the station was either No. 1 or close to No. 1 in the ratings.

"Obviously, he has been a great part of our success, and we're sorry to see him go," Channel 10 news director Paul Sands said. "I wish him all the best; he's been a delight to work with."

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