BREA : Apartment Complex Before Council Again

Further arguments will be heard Tuesday by the City Council on the development of a nine-unit apartment complex that is opposed by many residents.

A hearing on the proposal was continued on Sept. 19 when several residents angrily addressed the council on the danger of constructing such a complex in a neighborhood with many older houses and longtime residents.

"We have approached this problem from all facets," said Assistant City Manger Denise Ovrom. "We've been communicating with the residents on possibilities, but there is no one solution."

About 15 residents voiced their complaints on the proposal, which involves construction on two South Walnut Avenue lots. The proposals already have won the unanimous approval of the Planning Commission.

Residents also complained of possible overcrowding along their street because of parked cars and of excess litter.

A city staff task force has been designing "an overall strategy, a game plan" to handle the complaints from residents, an official said. The plan will include new parking restrictions, more frequent garbage collection at apartment complexes and limited parking by non-residents, Ovrom said.

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