The latest issue of Traveling in...

The latest issue of Traveling in Style magazine, compiled biannually by Travel Editor Jerry Hulse, appeared in the Oct. 22 edition of The Times and brought the usual assortment of "reviews" from readers. Herewith a sampling of their comments:

Congratulations on yet another highly enjoyable issue. My wife and I took great pleasure in the article by Nick Clooney ("Memories Are Made of This"); we especially enjoyed Jerry Hulse's story ("Sheer Grace: A Visit to Madewood, Queen of the Bayou") and found "Lunar Holiday" by Willis Player to be particularly fascinating.

But we both really got a kick out of "More Than You'll Ever Need to Know About Malta" by Alphonse Normandia. We are planning a vacation in Italy next spring and will now certainly include Malta as a side trip.

The picture article was not only informative but amusing and sophisticated in its approach as well. We hope these picture stories will be a regular feature from now on.



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