LA HABRA : More Roadblocks Planned by Police

In the wake of a collision that injured three members of a family, police announced that sobriety checkpoints will be established every three or four months.

Sgt. Joe Milazzo said the first roadblock was set up this month on Imperial Highway east of Beach Boulevard, near the scene of the Oct. 29 accident.

Police said a driver suspected of being under the influence turned left in front of an oncoming car carrying Edward Gonzalez, 31, his wife, Nina, 26, and their child, Amoz, 2 1/2.

Gonzales suffered broken ribs and serious injuries to a knee, while his wife suffered head injuries that have resulted in a continuing paralysis in her face.

"When she smiles, part of her face doesn't move," Gonzales said. "The doctors want to do an operation, but we decided not to because there are too many risks involved."

The two adults were wearing seat belts. The child was strapped into a car seat and suffered minor scratches. The family was taken to UCI Medical Center by helicopter.

The other driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

On Nov. 11, a sobriety checkpoint on Imperial Highway resulted in 10 arrests. For four hours, officers stopped every fourth vehicle, a total of 502 cars.

Milazzo said that two of those arrested were under the influence of both alcohol and other drugs. A total of 19 people were given field sobriety tests, he said.

Milazzo said drivers did not object to the roadblock.

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