County to Stage Toxics Collection

Orange County residents are invited to bring hazardous household products to the county Fire Department's Toxics Roundup for disposal on Saturday in Irvine.

Noting that children are the most common victims of home accidents involving the poisonous materials, the department has asked residents to discard leftover items such as wood preservatives, auto and furniture polish, chemical drain cleaners, oven cleaners and pesticides.

"A lot of people just leave certain products around for a year or more, which causes a big fire hazard," said Peter Depaola, communications dispatcher for the department.

The Fire Department asks that the waste products be brought in their original containers, that the contents of the container match the outside label and that the total quantity per visit not exceed five gallons or 50 pounds.

The roundup will be from 9.a.m to 3 p.m. in the Park Place parking lot at 3333 Michelson Drive in Irvine.

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