NAMES IN THE NEWS : 1st Male to Finish Nanny School

From Times Wire Services

Another cultural stereotype will self-destruct when the New England School for Nannies graduates its first male nanny.

Aaron Stack, 18, of Westfield will complete the 3 1/2-month program Dec. 15. Stack's sense of humor helped him in a similar situation--in high school when he was the only male in a preschool child care class.

After graduating from Westfield High School last spring, Stack didn't want to go to college, and ruled out military service. Instead, he opted for the nanny program, which he learned about during a job fair.

"The military keeps calling me, but I say, 'I'm going to be a nanny, not a Marine,' " he said.

The $300 a week, plus room and board, that he could earn as a live-in baby sitter, appealed to him. Besides, Stack says, "I love kids. They're awesome."

About 250 women have graduated from the 5-year-old school. Stack will be its first male graduate.

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