STANTON : Council to Select New Slate Tonight

The face of the city's government will change tonight when the City Council selects a new mayor and mayor pro tem as part of an annual reorganization.

In a city-manager style of government, these largely ceremonial posts rotate yearly among council members. For the past year, Councilman Edward L. Allen has served as mayor and Councilman Paul G. Verellen has held the post of mayor pro tem.

The city's Redevelopment Agency is scheduled to elect new officers as well. Councilmen Verellen and David John Shawver currently serve as chairman and vice chairman of the agency, respectively.

In other action, the council will reconsider a proposed on-street parking ban along two busy stretches of Beach Boulevard.

The council had earlier considered, but failed to adopt, resolutions that would have prohibited parking on the west side of Beach from 1st Street to the bus stop north of Cerritos Avenue, and from the north city limits to 10181 Beach.

While there was no opposition at the time to the measures, which traffic engineers had recommended to improve the visibility of motorists trying to leave crowded parking lots at an indoor swap meet and an auto parts yard on Beach, the council decided to wait until businesses that might be affected could be notified before taking any action.

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