Jason Bateman of “The Hogan Family” and...

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Jason Bateman of “The Hogan Family” and Alyssa Milano of “Who’s the Boss?” will team up with the Ice Capades to host an ABC special on Dec. 28.

Newcomer Nathaniel Moreau portrays a boy who was kidnaped by a psychopathic woman and her husband as a toddler and then runs away to find his real parents, played by Meredith Baxter-Birney and David Ogden Stiers, in USA Network’s “The Kissing Place,” a made-for-cable movie filmed in Canada.

Scott Bremner returns to HBO in March as Leroy (Encyclopedia) Brown in a new family series called “Encyclopedia Brown.” The half-hour series is based on an HBO special shown earlier this year about a brainy 10-year-old who uses his wit to solve mysteries.


Roving cowboy Duell McCall (Alex McArthur), on the run and framed for crimes he didn’t commit, poses as the sheriff of a town terrorized by two corrupt businessmen (John Rhys-Davies and James B. Sikking) in NBC’s “Desperado: Badlands.” The two-hour movie will air Dec. 17.

The board game “Monopoly” is coming to TV as a syndicated game show hosted by Peter Tomarken, who was last seen on CBS’ “Press Your Luck.” King World Productions, maker of the syndicated “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy!” shows, said that the new show will be available next fall.

Lesley-Anne Down joins the cast of “Dallas” as a high-powered public relations expert. She is now shooting episodes of the CBS series that will be shown in January.

George Peppard returns as homicide detective Frank Doakey in the NBC movie “Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders.” The movie, about a string of mob murders connected to a prostitution ring in 1940s Los Angeles, will air next Sunday.

Loni Anderson will guest star on ABC’s “B.L. Stryker” with husband Burt Reynolds in an episode called “Grand Theft Hotel.” The spring episode is the first time the couple has worked together since the film “Stroker Ace” seven years ago.