Redd Foxx Owes IRS $996,630

From Times Wire Services

Comedian Redd Foxx earned more than $1 million in an 18-month period ending in June, yet owes the Internal Revenue Service $996,630, according to an affidavit released in federal court.

The affidavit said IRS agents who swooped down on Foxx’s home Nov. 28 found $12,769 in cash and a dozen guns, including a semiautomatic pistol.

The affidavit, released Tuesday, lists more than 300 items which were taken in the raid.

The affidavit said Foxx received in excess of $1 million from Jan. 1, 1988, until June 30, 1989.


Meanwhile, Foxx said the groups Santana and The Who have sent him money to help cover his tax debts.

Publicists for the two groups denied that they had given Foxx any money.