Cost of Entering Magic Kingdom Raised to $25.50


It isn’t a cheap thrill. In fact, Disneyland gets more expensive all the time.

And now--just in time for the Christmas rush--Disneyland has once again raised its ticket prices by $2, bringing the cost of adult admission to $25.50 for a one-day pass. Children’s admission is now $20.50 for a one-day ticket, up from $18.50. And parking is now $4, up from $3.

The new prices, effective this week, mark the 10th time that Disneyland has increased the cost of admission since 1982, when the theme park introduced single-ticket admission. Back then, adult admission was $12--or less than half what it costs to enter the Magic Kingdom today.

The cost of Disneyland’s three-day passes also climbed this week. Adults are now charged $10 more--or $66.50--for the three-day tickets, while the cost of children’s three-day passes has been upped $8.75, to $53.25.


Among the Southland’s major theme parks--Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, Sea World and Universal Studios--Disneyland has the highest gate.

Even so, the price of Disneyland here is still a bargain-basement rate compared to Walt Disney World near Orlando, Fla., where one day’s admission to just one of the three theme parks is $30.65 for adults and $24.30 for kids. Four-day passes for the resort area--which are the only other option--cost $102.45 for adults and $81.30 for children.

Park spokesman Bob Roth said Disneyland’s price increase was needed to help cover the costs of improvements, the latest of which was the addition of Splash Mountain in July.

Roth added, “We’re doing things for the future too,” including a yearlong celebration of the park’s 35th anniversary, planned to start Jan. 1.

The 8.5% price increase should come as no surprise in an industry where Southland theme parks routinely increase admission costs 6% to 7% each year. In fact, through most of the ‘80s, Disneyland has increased ticket prices every six to nine months since it introduced single-ticket admission. Previously, it charged for each ride.

Disneyland’s attendance in 1988 was about 13 million--the same as the year before.

SIX YEARS OF DISNEYLAND PRICE HIKES Disneyland implemented the single-ticket “passport” program in June 1982 and set general admission prices at $12 for adults and $9 for children. Since then, there have been 10 price increases, typically coinciding with the addition of a major attraction or a special event. Source: Los Angeles Times files October 1983: Adult ticket price raised to $13. Fantasyland renovation completed May 23, 1986. May 1984: Adult ticket price hiked to $14. January 1985: Tickets boosted $1, to $15 for adults and $10 for children. Park launches year-long 30th anniversary celebration. May 1985: Adults tickets increased to $16.50, children’s tickets to $10.50. Videopolis dance arena opens June 22, 1985. March 1986: Prices bumped to $17.95 for adults, $12.95 for children. October 1986: Adult tickets raised to $19, children’s to $14.95. Captain Eo attraction opened Sept. 19, 1986. January 1987: Disney officials boost prices to $20 for adults and $15 for children. Star Tours attraction opens Jan. 9. September 1987: Adult tickets rise to $21.50, children’s general admission is $16.50. December 1988: The cost of an adult ticket jumps to $23.50, children’s to $18.50. December 1989: Adult tickets rise to $25.50, children’s to $20.50. TICKET PRICES AT SOUTHLAND AMUSEMENT PARKS


June 1982 December 1989 Pct. Increase Park Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult Disneyland $ 9.00 $12.00 $20.50 $25.50 127.8 112.5 Knotts Berry Farm 8.95 9.95 15.95 19.95 78.2 100.5 Universal Studios 7.95 10.95 15.50 21.00 95.0 91.8 Magic Mountain 5.75 11.50 11.00 * 21.00 91.3 82.6 Sea World 7.50 10.50 15.50 21.00 106.7 100.0

*Magic Mountain has height eligibility. Under 48 inches is the equivalent of the child category. Source: Amusement parks listed . Researched by: Dallas M. Jackson