SHORT TAKES : Blaze Has a ‘Cinderella’ Week

From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports

Former burlesque queen Blaze Starr is still seeing stars after a whirlwind trip to New York for the premiere of “Blaze,” a film based on her love affair with the late Louisiana Gov. Earl K. Long.

“I felt like Cinderella after the ball when I got out of the limousine and boarded the plane home,” Starr said. “Unlike Cinderella, though, I am very glad to be here.”

Starr is back selling her homemade jewelry in a Maryland mall, but she said she loved her five-day stay last week in New York.


“Every time we stepped out of the hotel, we stepped into a stretch,” she said. “Nobody calls them limos.”

Starr did all she could in New York to promote the movie, from which she will earn 4% of the profits. She participated in 14 straight hours of interviews along with actors Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovitch and director Ron Shelton.

Many critics have praised the movie but decried its historic inaccuracies. For one, the movie has Long dying on Starr’s lap when he actually suffered a fatal heart attack nowhere near his sweetheart.

Starr said she flew to Baton Rouge where his body lay in state.

“I walked into the Capitol with a single red rose in my breasts. I didn’t look right or left as I walked to the casket,” she said. “Then, I pulled out the rose and said, ‘This is for you, Earl.’ I knew that’s what he would like.”